Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beauties--Centaur and a Banshee

God, I wasted so many years
by Brian Gaskill

God, I wasted so many years
Walking the city of earth
Like a dead man pretending
To be alive in philosophical meanderings
Searching for meaning and truth
That I knew all along was following me
Like a lost puppy dog,
Yet I refused to turn around
And recognize I was the lost one
And this dog was filled with ruby slipper magic
That always had the power to bring me back to life
That always had the power to bring me home

God, I wasted so many years
But maybe that was part of your plan
So when I was at last brought to life
And found my way home
I would come alive like a cyclone
Never stopping but to inhale the breath
Of fresh lilies that dance with Busby Berkley
Precision to greet her every time she wakes
To the smell of coffee and cinnamon.

God, I wasted so many years
But now I am going GaGa over
A sweet old country song
That lights up an outlaw’s eyes
With electric sunshine
That comes alive like a broken transformer
Raining down wild blaring blue waves
That ride themselves into my nights and days
And keep me awake…as I gently
Learn how to play

God, I wasted so many years
But now we are dancing in our underwear
Under the rising harvest moon
In the chilly-willy autumn air
Playing catch with raining stars
That we then swallow like pop-rocks
And laugh as we glow like an ecstatic kaleidoscope
Of who knows what…
Freeing you and me to become we and us

God, I wasted so many years
But now that I found her
A family is born that lives where the wind resides
Even flying underwater to unheard of worlds
That once only existed in books
That were never never written
And never even sparked
In the eyes of the greatest dreamers

God, I wasted so many years
But now I catch the tears of a punk-rock mermaid…
(For lack of a greater invention to describe her breed)
A native to a universe that swarms with every thought and dream in the ocean deep
Right outside our door
Where I have a game of hopscotch with sea-glass
That she has left for me like ancient prayers
Worn down, yet more beautiful
And alive than before…prayers that lead me
Back to her each night for lessons
On how to breathe under the sea
So we can swim-sprint down that secret path
That leads to the next stage of Now,
Where we will never perform behind lying masks
But sing out the truth
For all who come to the show
Of dead magicians making beauty disappear
But reappears back into your soul

God, I wasted so many years
But when I reach a time of passing
If she is the only one who heard me
And my out-of-tune re-hashed dreams and needs
To reach out to whoever will listen to
My broken-ego that had an unoriginal idea
That maybe just maybe I could inspire
With the power of dead gods…
That will be enough

God…I no longer waste my years
And now I can taste the future
Like a chocolate chip mint ice-cream cone
Re-born as a sun that was once our hearts
That someday together will warm the seas
And set the clouds ablaze with flashing signs
Calling everyone home to a place
Where breathing underwater
Is as simple as self-doubt
And believing in talking streetlamps and
Walking palm-trees and pigs
That swim deep under the sea
Will be as easy as me and you
Becoming us and we…

--Brian Gaskill for Tonya