Friday, December 11, 2009


I was the one the shape-shifter trying to keep him whomever he was at the time
By becoming different forms
But you you change like light like dawn noon dusk night
You are the show stopper in your top hat and tails spinning rabbits out of hats
You are the rock god tossing long locks bones like steel
You are the green elf with leaf-shaped ears and crystalline hallways in your eyes
You are the faerie queen with lilac blossom hair and tender tongue
You are the bright boychild tossed asleep across my bed eyelids tinted dreaming
You are the wise hermaphrodite crone with your rough whiskers and soft hands
You are the plush tiger with broad nuzzling nose and solid paws
with whom I curl to sleep
You are the rose-petalled pies and cakes I kiss
You are the lewd pink flowers unfolding and shaking me with russet stain of pollen
You are everything and everyone I have ever wanted
All in the body of one man

Forgive me if I lost your lips
For that brief innocent indiscretion
For that moment I had thought to change
into the capricious fey you might desire
Forgetting that I did not need to change at all to shine for you
Just as you need not
ever change