Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let us build a city

Let us build a city by the banks of the river
Let us plant eucalyptus jacaranda and willow
A grove of miniature birches
White as fairy lights
And shaped like deer
Let us invite the deer! And the birds and the butterflies and fish to play in our glade
Let us build huts of willow bark and strew the floors with sand
Let us cloak this world in glamour of our love so that the hostile shall not see
How we move in lushness and sleep on moss and devour each other in a fall of leaves

The water rushes past slashed with moonlight
Your face pale with the cold your beautiful feet
I kneel before you and take you hard in my mouth
Stars fall into the wet like fish
The blossoms uncurl in purples
Solid your bones and your gasp falls into me

How do i know we can build a world?
For I had made my bed love
With twigs and roses sacred lilies
With tears and dreams and poems
And then you traveled over the barren concrete shores
Of the lonely baleful creek
And came to me