Sunday, December 20, 2009


You are my eucalyptus medicinal and strong
Revealing layers of rose and jade and vein blue
And I will be your white birch
My bark thinning satin beneath the sweet scratch of your branch
Our roots entwine beneath the mossy earth
Our branches twirl with vines
Flowers cup for our dew

You are my warrior prince
I am your captured fae
Rescue me from the dungeon
on our good giraffe
and I will rescue you from sorrow
we will eat pancakes at midnight
and each other at dawn

Let me shapeshift and gender bend
Let me become everything you have ever desired
Let me be the nymphs dancing by the pool in our sodden cobwebs
Let me be the deer woman with shining haunches
Let me be the river that burbles warm over your pains and caresses each crevice of who you are
Let me be the pink lily that probes you with my stamen tongue
I weep with you for the lost worlds
I laugh with you until I shake
For our transformation
and the benediction of your coming


  1. Avatar reminded me of a quote of yours... something about the most beautiful people are the ones that don't look like one race, or one gender. It's beautiful to see a love story where their differences are what bound them together.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and I really want to see this movie!