Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eye have been away

Here before you I hold the cup of poppies and cannabis and other herbs
They bring you peace and stimulation, calm and inspiration
Here I bring you crowns of morning glory to wear above your elfin ears
And ointments, unguents for your skin
Here I bring you cakes and pies to taste
forbidden creams and sweets but they wont harm you

Though I can hardly see from one eye and my body seems to have diminished
I am stronger than the poison apple witch who knocks upon my door
The demon in my closet and the dark winged dragon in the air who killed my sacred tree

Frogs have returned upon the pond I hear them
croaking mating cries
The sweet roughness of their song reminds me of our breathless thrustings
Saplings stirring in the earth and even grief struck faes cannot help but return
I know my back door ‘s cold and dark with memories
And my bed smells of medicine and tears
But I am just as soft and warm and wet inside for you
As ever, love, if not more so
And my heart, though broken can still love
As if it were the hearts of every woman who has loved you all these years and more

Tut in his tomb was a beautiful golden boy
But they tell us he had a cleft palate and a foot of club
Married his sister
Died of malaria
I will remember him as that gleaming prince won’t you?
And remember me, love, as a fairy who could see