Monday, April 5, 2010


Today after the wind and rain
I found a nest
Woven of feathers, twigs and tatters
So smoothly made inside
A perfect thing cupped in my palm
A symbol of the love I try to give and that I seek
But fallen
And in my garden
Was a dove with wounded head and sad bright eye
Who let me get so close to her
Without departing
And she without her mate listened to my words of comfort
And gave me hers

Spring has fallen
Like a nest scattering its tufts and bits
The sun is out my hands are cold
And the nest abandoned
The dove alone
I no longer believe in signs
Only in the fragile, broken wind-thrashed reflections
of our sad desires


  1. oh, that our desires were strong enough to heal our brokeness and fly away from this tragic place. ~such truth in your understanding

  2. beautiful. i too am alone (for the first time in a long while) and I struggling to pick up the pieces of my own nest which is scattered around, i believe the pieces are all too scattered to find

  3. you inspire me so much.
    please read my writing.

  4. Sadly beautiful. So much love for you!

    I have a blog now too! I'm pretty excited about it :) Here I go, embracing the internet!!!