Friday, April 2, 2010

what not to wear

what not to wear

according to that bitchy pair on tv you mustn’t wear a pink and black plaid mini kilt with black fishnet shirt, black studded belt, knee high skull socks and danger pumps
even if you are a beautiful twenty-something dj/designer
who can rock it well

so what would they say of me
in my blush frothy tulle ballerina mini skirt
or my frayed hem jeans?

i have worn hats with veils, eccentric platforms
men’s engineer boots and prom dresses
ripped t-shirts and torn stockings
a piece of orange satin wrapped into a dress
distressed knit “depression wear”
and silk kimono patchwork big enough for clowns
i’ve had bleached hair with black roots
pale powder face without blush
too-big silver hoops
mostly i’ve worn my heart
bleeding all over both my sleeves
it’s not a pretty sight, my dears
and now my fear
like ridiculous armor to keep you out

hey tv bitches, bring it
at least i still
got up this morning
and wrote this thing


  1. Actually, Francesca, your heart, everything in it, the love and the blood, is so so so beautiful -- that's why so many people are drawn to it. but some people don't know what to do with its power, because we have so many things (like this stupid show) telling us to fear our power, telling us to squash what makes us who we are so that nothing will change.

    But change will come.

  2. A history of fashion according to Miss Francesca Lia Block!!

    "mostly i’ve worn my heart
    bleeding all over both my sleeves"

    Do you think this makes it easier or harder to recognize eachother as we walk down the street ...all the ones who wear their hearts so prominently, and permanently, on their sleeves? Do we really want to see one another?

  3. LOVE this. so powerful and gutsy!

  4. I hate when people on tv or anywhere try and tell you what "NOT" to wear. They need to mind their own business. Not everyone wants to wear highheels and pencil skirts.

  5. You tell those tv bitches! We will wear our tulle skirts and fishnets and beautiful shoes forever! <3
    I love your beautiful self, your strength and your beauty, and the heart bleeding on both sleeves. You wear everything perfectly.

  6. "What not to wear" rules don't apply to free spirits and those with boundless imagination!

  7. Blehh, I hate when makeover shows try to compromise a person's individual style. I say screw 'em; eccentric fashion makes life more interesting, and anyway one day gauze faerie wings will be all the rage ;) (and even if they're not, we'll still rock them)