Thursday, May 13, 2010

Send Me Your Literary Tats


  1. Does it have to be words, or can it be a literary character?

  2. paz y pan

    (On my right foot)

    Because Pablo Neruda said that "peace goes into the making of a poet as flour goes into the making of bread".

  3. A little late to the party, but I have lyrics from my favorite song tattooed on my feet. From the Smith's 'Rubber Ring'

    "Don't forget the songs that made you cry
    And the songs that saved your life"

    "When you're dancing and laughing and finally living
    Hear my voice in your head and think of me fondly"

    Even though I'm well out of my troubled, excluded teenaged years, 'songs that saved my life' still hold an important place in my development.

    Pictures are at the link:

  4. Gentle when you click.
    The picture looks huge once opened.