Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Irving from Teen Spirit?


  1. When will the writing posts return??? They are sorely missed! They were such wonderful snippets of inspiration.

  2. dear anon
    i am editing two novels, writing one, publicizing one, teaching two classes, taking care of two kids by myself, trying to keep my home, trying to produce a film, taking care of my very ill mom. sorry if i'm not giving you what you need here. flb

  3. Dear Francesca,

    I'm very sorry if you took my comment as any kind of an attack! It was truly meant as a compliment, albeit a bit of a pushy one. I certainly understand that you may be a busy person, and didn't mean to push pressure on you or irk you in any way.
    My sincerest apologies.

    (The Weetzie Bat reading was so amazing, by the way!)

  4. красивые глаза!!!!))

  5. anon
    sorry for my reaction. thank you for writing love flb