Monday, November 22, 2010

Fairy Tales in Electri-city

new from midsummer press
the fairies said
you live in a city with a silver lake
and an echo park
you found your girl and your boy and your house
you escaped your fear
you survived the death of your father
now you must do nothing
but accept your sorrow
and write your stories with lightening
and open your heart
and wait

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ruby by me and Carmen Staton

Collaboration is a great thing when you find the right person to work with. I loved writing Ruby with my friend Carmen. It makes the process so much less lonely and scary. .

Guarding the Moon

This is my account of my first year as a mom. It is a love letter to my baby Jasmine who is now 10. One online review said she thought I was mentally unstable. Wow, I admire full-time memoir writers;you can't hide behind the fiction. I am proud of this book because it exposes the pains and joys of being a mom and it is my gift to Jasmine. I hope you enjoy it, especially you new or soon-to-be moms. Love flb

Necklace of Kisses

Be sure to read this in time for the Weetzie Bat prequel PING SMOG, coming soon!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a brave poem by my mama

Gratitude By Gilda R. Block

Colon cancer came to call
He liked what he heard
He liked what he saw

Waste, want, wanton disregard for
Sleep, rest, nourishment, the rent
Lots of
pockets of grief
rockets of pain
small piles of soiled indifference
great heaps of despair
and the craving of a slashed and burned heart
a cold spoiling swirling wind raising
dark the wavelets in a cavernous pool of tears
everything awash in this

He took a room
He moved in
He slept, he ate, the days fled
He grew fat swollen charred and red
He bled—He laughed it off There’s plenty
more where that came from, he said
She lay in the cold empty tub dispensing
the small white rubber travel bags
of brewed coffee colored herbs from China’s forest
Making up pairs of names to call their future children
Each boy’s a Spanish
Each girl’s a flower’s
Paolo and Poppy
Rolando and Rose
passing the minutes
til the timer chimed

She climbed out
leaving the dripping spigot
to the shrewd
industrious country ants