Saturday, January 15, 2011


I dreamed of a black water buffalo with dreadlocked hair
Who came and placed his heavy head into my lap
And then rolled over puppy like to let me scratch his belly
At that strange watering hole where wild beasts swam and clambered

When I woke I went out into the day and found you my duendito
Little spirit little elf
Locked in a cage being humped by little dogs with matted ears and overbites
You retreated to the back less eager than the rest but something glimmered in the depths
Of your sad black eyes
And when you were released into my arms you slipped out a quick pink tongue to kiss
Then pranced like a pony for the show
Beside me in the prison yard

When they lead you out down that corridor
Death row
Of barking pit bulls and the like
Creatures with bloodied ears and ravaged souls
Jaws to kill and hope abandoned
Some wearing the red kerchief of fate
You seemed oblivious shutting out the deafening sounds
The hollow horrors of what would soon take place

But I don’t think you’ve really let it go
Now your eyes are huge and always bright
Your small feet fold tenderly in my arms
Your tail a spray of joy now not collapsed
Your warmth curled fur into our bed

But when you see the wild dogs rescued heirs
You forget your small size
And that you’re safe
You bare your teeth you snatch
the air

Spirits even little ones are strong and wild
Too wild to forget
The caged and hidden horrors of this world

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