Monday, January 24, 2011

OK Cupid

Love’s green Asian eyes watched me too closely
While I danced across the floor
He sent me too many lovely poems in one night
He was unemployed
not actually divorced yet
There were other problems, too
Mostly having to do with my own history
Of not being touched
So I turned away from Love
Went back to my computer searching

I met Resentment with his little rectangular glasses
And Pain who blinded me
I met Wealth with his home movie theater and red bathroom and ice cold bed
I met Kindness who took me to the atrium and planted flowers in my yard
But pouted when I could not make love to him
I met Fear who held up a sign that read I have a sexual disease that might eventually give you cancer
And Nameless who brought over his hand bound book of photographs and left it here and never returned

Then I met Music with his quick mind and measured speech.
But he, too, had his hand on the keyboard
And Beauty was only one short click away


  1. hello there.
    listen, i don't mean to creep on your blog...
    but, you're my favorite author.
    not sure if you've ever heard of,
    but i'm working on a collection of sets inspired by your book wasteland,
    and if you have a moment someday,
    i would absolutely love it if you'd take a look at it.
    there's the link. sorry to be a bit of a bother! :X


  2. I love this. I've been using this site, too... and all the men seem to have this label hovering around them. There are none I have found to embody all the good qualities I'm looking for and still have an air of mystery. Not to mention they are far to quick to send me their phone number, or ask to meet me in person.

    I'm checking your blog daily now for your new poems. Much love, Francesca!

  3. Hannah, I just looked at your polyvore sets; they are beautiful. So is this poem <3