Wednesday, January 12, 2011

to hades

if you give me pomegranate seeds
i'll stay with you below the ground
in clubs aflood with piss and beer
where boys wear horns and sing
so hard they bleed my ears

but now my mother's gone from me
i'm not escaping but her heir
as much winter as the spring
i must return above it seems
it only lasts so long these things

i've little ones to tend to there
feed and keep them warm
i have a world of light above
i have a willow thatched home
and little ones to love

the question is my captor fair
hades with your grin
your knife strong core, your mirror
your wild lips and your fingertips
will you join me here?


  1. Tend your garden well, Aphrodite.

  2. Kore, Persephassa, Persephone. She's so clever!
    And Demeter never gives up.