Monday, January 17, 2011


When I stepped onto the sand I realized I was as in need of nature as food and touch
The grains delicately scratching my feet Then farther down smoothing and sleek the decimated sand castles pool with tide and the scattering of mussel shells I covet to pave my garden path
I wanted to strip off my clothes and throw myself into the waves like arms
Where light gilds and glimmers because it was born to do so and for no other reason
For even the ocean, Kali
Is more reliable than men I’ve let
put parts of themselves inside me

I like touch
But that doesn’t mean my body slips
So easily into the arm placed around it
Into the black woolen coat
As if it had just been there an hour before

I like kisses but
That doesn’t mean my lips slip so easily
Into mouth and tongue and teeth and lips
Almost as if they were its source
Or its creation

Make no mistake I like
The feel of love
And open easily my heart
at a word, a promise or a touch
But that doesn’t mean that my heart sings in key
For every tuning fork
Or that I’ll throw myself into every loving wave


  1. The opening lines make me miss the ocean. I am in need of nature as well.

  2. Kate Chopin!! This one is exactly how I feel.