Thursday, February 3, 2011



yesterday was really hard
not tragic just hard
the kids were fighting and the dog peed in the house soaking the bottom of my bed sheet
and then ran in circles around the front lawn nipping at my hands wild eyed when i tried to get him to come inside
i ruined my good pink suede sneakers
and the neighbor laughed at me
swearing and spinning in the mud
and then i yelled at my children
much too harshly
and i was so tired and over burdened
and none of my friends answered my calls
and i just wanted someone to comfort me
but then i got your poem
about your week
and i just wanted
to comfort you


  1. i love how you're not afraid to be human - confessing when you have a bad day. and yet, your heart is so pure, to think of another with compassion.
    thank you for these poems; i read them everyday, even if i don't always comment. love. <3

  2. Thankfully these days aren't every day. <3