Sunday, February 6, 2011

For the girls who come to me

For the girls who come to me

”Does magic exist?” they ask with their glittered eyes
hair swishing down to slender waists
Petticoats and platforms
Feathers and lace and leathers and chain
They want me to confirm what they secretly know
Maybe prove it
so I write another story
light some fairy lights
give them cupcakes
and tell them they are beautiful

“In December I almost died”
She says
“But I graduated I composed more music I hung from a wire and danced in the air”

“Does magic exist?”
she asks
As if it is somewhere else
Some foreign place outside of us
And not just her standing here aglitter with youth and talent and the desire to love a lost soul
Who asks her with his eyes
Just before he leaves and breaks her heart
"Does magic exist?"

He knows the answer, the one she wants to believe in
But he can’t take the risk of knowing it is true


  1. Absolutely beautiful, doll. I am so glad that I found your blog!! You are my all-time favorite author. Your work constantly inspires me. I recently wrote a blog post dedicated to Weetzie Bat, and I would love it if you would check it out. I know you're super busy, but it would mean the world to me.
    I hope you're having a magical weekend. Loveee. XO. mandy

  2. Thanks, again. I've imagined tracking you down, somewhere in a sweet little cottage amongst many flowers, and asking this very question.

  3. This was just...I have no words except: perfect.