Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day (photo by Mccabe Russell)

In some cultures there are no words for music or art
Because they are just part of life

I wonder if love should have a name?
And a holiday
Mylar balloons and chocolate filled with hydrogenated oils
Plastic roses and store bought greeting cards

Like most of these occasions
An excuse to get drunk and have sex
When what I want goes so far beyond any of that

My mother always made me Valentine’s out of construction paper and silver doilies she found forty seven ways to say I love you in her gracious script
until cancer silenced her

My ex husband always filled my car with bouquets almost as tall as I am
When I just wanted him to hold me with a sprig of lavender behind my ear
The last man came over with every plastic toy he could find at Rite Aid
Took me to dinner and kept me up all night
When my torn eye needed rest
I said I love you I love you while he rocked above me
A week later we were as far apart as two people could ever be

I don’t want Valentines
I want to twine myself in lights
And kneel before you
In black lace underwear and motorcycle boots
On a bed of roses
Thick and soft as flesh
And I don’t want anyone
To say a word


  1. if thats you, verrrrry niiiiice :)

  2. wow - is that you? you look amazing! (for any age, but especially for your age)

  3. Yes! Just let me lean on you on the couch while we watch a movie I love, let me feed you freshly made cheader cheese scones and play video games together. That's all I want <3

  4. beautiful! send prescriptive valentines day to the gallows, let's create our own ways of expressing love whenever and however we wish (and with whomever!)

  5. All I wanted was for her to fall asleep in my arms/ to know that she felt safe enough in my presence to surrender her consciousness.
    All I wanted was to breathe in her scent just as I fell asleep/ so that I would dream of rainforests or seaside villas or other edens that I felt I abided in whenever I was near her.
    All I wanted was to wake up and see her sleeping next to me/ to see her without makeup/maybe with a little bit of dried tear in the corner of her eye/ to see her in a state in which she was not so perfect/ to know that perhaps I had a chance.
    All I wanted was to see her open her eyes/so that I could smile and look right in them/to whisper good morning and know it was so.

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