Friday, March 11, 2011

Dancing Mermaid Photography


Rodarte Via Rita Dertkin
‎"Sometimes, it seems as though we have always created together. As children, we were inseparable and always made things together. We grew up by the beach near Santa Cruz, California, amongst tide pools, redwood forests, mustard fields, California poppies, and apple orchards. To this day, it inspires everything we do. Hare Krishnas, psychedelic skaters, punks, poets, and surfers all defined the way we saw the world, and helped to shape our creative inclination..."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For Jasmine during the mortgage crisis in America

Hyacinth eyes you bring me a tiny blue heart filled with red and yellow flowers
I wish I could give you a palace overgrown with lilies
And a sky filled with flying horses made of stars

Outside your window the tree I planted
purples jacaranda as your eyes
All I wanted was to shelter you
but now they make your bed away

So much sorrow in such a small person
At night you grind your teeth in sleep as do I
Warm against me my deepest comfort
Why is it I cannot comfort you?
With pop star princes and sparkly t-shirts and gardens and stages with velvet curtains

You have been inside of me for all my life and now you are outside of me
But not really

I would go blind for you I would sleep in a box
I would go without the love of a man the rest of my life
I even tried to be with your father again
I’d do anything darling one but it seems as if there is nothing I can do
Except hold you beside me and read to you my stories
no matter where we may sleep