Friday, March 11, 2011

Dancing Mermaid Photography


  1. oh what a beautiful (bottom half of) family! these photos are very touching. lovely postures, fun clothes. your daughter dresses just like you!

  2. inspiring photographs! post the rest of the set!

  3. just noticed this on your twitter:

    take flb 2 lunch @govinda's ($8 all u can eat) & 4 $20 pick her brain about life, creativity, writing etc. book now for when u r in town

    is this for real? another reason to come to LA!

  4. yes im pretty interested in that! and quite determined to attend one of the workshops at your faerie cove when im not off at school, but home in studio city. youre so fucking awesome love, i am rereading the flb nine stories all spur of the moment, and i just had to remind you of this ahhh :)