Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For Jasmine during the mortgage crisis in America

Hyacinth eyes you bring me a tiny blue heart filled with red and yellow flowers
I wish I could give you a palace overgrown with lilies
And a sky filled with flying horses made of stars

Outside your window the tree I planted
purples jacaranda as your eyes
All I wanted was to shelter you
but now they make your bed away

So much sorrow in such a small person
At night you grind your teeth in sleep as do I
Warm against me my deepest comfort
Why is it I cannot comfort you?
With pop star princes and sparkly t-shirts and gardens and stages with velvet curtains

You have been inside of me for all my life and now you are outside of me
But not really

I would go blind for you I would sleep in a box
I would go without the love of a man the rest of my life
I even tried to be with your father again
I’d do anything darling one but it seems as if there is nothing I can do
Except hold you beside me and read to you my stories
no matter where we may sleep


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  2. Heartbreakingly beautiful. <3

  3. I'm sorry for whatever you are going through. As a mother I know what it's like to do whatever you can for your children and feeling like it's never enough. You have a living, breathing, beautiful reason to stay strong. home isn't always a building, sometimes it's a person.

  4. Jasmine will always know that you love her profoundly, which knowing bestows upon her a gift beyond any gift of the material world. And although you may feel like you might not be able to provide her at this very moment with the charming cottage or castle that you and your princess deserve, I am certain that she will never feel deprived of anything by you because children who are loved as much as she is rarely feel that way.

  5. its true. my family and i lived very poorly when i was a little kid but i never noticed, i had so much love in my life. your writing is so beautiful francesca, even if all you gave me was your stories they have helped me through so much. i think i have almost all your books, they are sooo good. after skimming through weetzie again, i really wanna go try an oki dog for the first time. and to think i grew up here :)

    1. Skip the oki dog unless you have really great health insurance

  6. incredible. there is such a beautiful outpouring of love from the world of the internet to you and your girl. i would like to second these comments.
    your daughter is truly lucky to have such a loving, imaginative, and artistic soul as her mother.
    this too shall pass.

  7. As the mother of a beautiful boy who has my eyes, and my heart, I can only tell you that I relate to these heartwrenchingly beautiful words. I would give my life for him. I hope you and your wonderful family get through this time with as little difficulty as possible. You deserve love and light and everything marvelous.
    Much love to you all.

  8. beautiful! jasmine is lucky to have you as a mother. home will always be where your hearts are and she knows how much love overfills your heart for her

  9. We sober drug fiends have a saying that applies to all who face an uncertain (and hence, terrifying) future: this too shall pass. You're a strong, vital woman, Francesca, with the power of love behind you like a wind beneath your wings. Whatever happens, there will be a faerie house where you live because you live there. Never forget that simple fact. We are the makers of our worlds, and yours will always be made of jacaranda and pink neon.