Saturday, April 30, 2011

tornado unedited

i've felt ripped asunder
ripped from loved ones
but this makes poetic metaphors look like pale corpses
thrown in the dirt

what was it like to be torn apart like that?
it even had warren olney gasping
how you barricaded yourselves in the closet with two dogs and a friend
how a house and a door and even your football player boyfriend's body
was not enough to keep you from being thrown 500 yards
he survived woke on the ground with two dead animals beside him
and you were nowhere
young dark haired and pretty
as the new princess
no glass carriages white horses satin trains lace veils meadow bouquets or princely kisses
no law school marriage babies
just the wrath of a despairing and indiscriminate planet
lost bride of the tornado
may your domain be oz


  1. This is so incredibly, heartbreakingly beautiful. And the fact that it's unedited makes me even more in awe. You have one hell of a muse, Miss Francesca <333

  2. This one really hit me. You are a darn good writer, Ms. Block.

  3. I love your simile "like pale corpses thrown on the dirt." This hit me, as I believe was intended. May your domain be!