Monday, May 9, 2011

shapeshifting daughter unedited

one pale gold curl on the top of her head
has spiraled down into dark gold and sun-streaked waves
they tangled once so badly during my eye surgery
that we had to cut them short
now they flow again
and i can still see them

soft features soft curves soft skin everything about her
she doesn't like the way veins show through her translucence
but if your skin is made from fairy wing that is what occurs
slowly it will become more human

she has learned to hide her grace just enough for self protection
walking with head a little down, arms close to sides, hips motionless
but the sugar plum who walked on tiptoe
and can break dance like a youtube girl
is there beneath

braces and pimples serve the same purpose
under them she glimmers sun and shade
still my little
begging for sugar and needing arms

i see her shifting shapes to woman very slowly and yet so fast
as she shape shifted into this implausible girl from that baby with a single curl
no teeth
no word
except my name


  1. i love this poem so magnificent

  2. oh, this makes me remember what it was like to be entering teenagehood. the changes felt so strange, and i was aware, as your daughter is, that my mother was noticing them. at this point my nose was no longer small and straight but grew into something bulbous and crooked. my soft child skin erupted into cruel pimples. my underarms betrayed me, sending out a scent i did not recognize. my mother told me i needed to take more showers. i crusted too much of my sister's makeup into my eyes. i did not know how to move or even be in my body.
    this is such a cruel time. your daughter is lucky that you are here with your wisdom to support her.

  3. her beauty shines out to me as i'm sure yours did to your mom

  4. words cant describe how much this poem struck with me. for some reason i picture you watching Cocteau and Fellini with your daughter since she first could talk. im kinda jealous she gets a fabulous and loving awesome artist earth mama such as yourself i come to you everyday for some words of beauty that never fail to resonate with me