Saturday, May 14, 2011

there's no such thing as the zombie apocalypse cont. unedited

once we watched that zombie movie together
but i couldn't see the screen very well and i was on antibiotics
and my body was saying "don't let anyone touch me
"i have to heal for at least a year"
and you got a little hurt
and said you felt lonely when you were with me
but in the end you understood
and you still sent me flowers when my mother died
and chocolate vegan hearts on valentines day
you love patti
and you read all my poems
you walked my dog
and fed my children
and took us to the beach among the wildflowers
you planted in my garden
and fixed my pond
and advised me on business
and invited me to stay with you
in spite of what my heart-forsaken body told us
one year ago

but it's been a year now
and although i write about the walking dead
without hearts of their own
i know there is no such thing
as the zombie apocalypse
my patient and true friend


  1. yes!!!! this is so awesome and giddymaking for me haha, i always wanted you to date someone who appreciates your work. words like amazing and beautiful are too weak to describe the luminous power your words contain <3

  2. i love your poems and your take on zombie movies;
    your children are beautiful and kind to strangers and it's a joy to see them having fun;
    i've never met a dog i didn't love at least just a little - yours is not bad just a little quirky;
    you know i love to garden and fix things - all kinds of things;
    the flowers and chocolates were nothing;
    and even though patti was here just a few weeks ago, i'm infinitely more excited that you'll be here soon.

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  4. i messed up the heart symbol but it is there in spirit xoxo