Sunday, May 15, 2011


pretty blue eyed girl with perfect calves
tossing words like veils and petals
smiling in every picture and though sad, believing
in love like i used to

while now i sit here with my eye sockets full of powder and buckled by a physician
not believing in much anymore
even though there are a lot of young women who read my words to help them have faith

i've given up praying even
for that restoration
i sit typing in a windy house with shade leaves pf bougainvillea rustling across
the walls
can't do much except work and eat my mung beans and rice
waiting for my children to come home
the only story i want to write
the only thing i believe in anymore


  1. flb, you are the goddess of words, weaving wings of poetry, teaching little ones to fly... airy light, francesca bright, love you for showing us how to be raw. xoxoxox

  2. may your hope return. this is a prayer i will repeat

  3. you are an amazing woman. With all tha you have brought us, I am sure that you can afford a little joy for yourself.

    Close your eyes. Imagine yourself enveloped by a white light. Bask in it. Smile. Do this three times a day at least.

    Then lounge around until you feel an ardent desire to get up and do something. The do it. And enjoy it.

    Have faith. We all have faith in you.

  4. you write such lovely poems francesca ♥

  5. "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle." ~ Saint Francis of Assisi.

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  7. ike the person above said you really are an amazing woman, it's hard to put your words out there without being scared of judgment (well, i speak for myself, not for others) for those of us who can't do that as easily as you do it really is an amazing achievement. But I'm a person to and I understand that feeling, that emptiness, its terrible to feel like things will not get better or as if there is nothing to look forward to even though you have everything you need, everything (well for the most part) that you want. its a shitty terrible way to feel but i hope and pray that you will feel happy soon. sending you good wishes.

  8. This is sad and beautiful. Sometimes we find ourselves living life as an epic tragedy. I often find myself seeing my life through a mirror... but the images on the other side are mostly distorted and twisted. But I learn to love them and with love we tame the wildest things.

    I hope that things begin going better. I love your writing.

  9. Francesca Lia Block, your words carried me through high school, you spoke the song in my heart, the things i tried to make people understand. And now i am a mommy too and i pour myself wholly and completely into my little ones and i wonder sometimes who am i when they are gone? I understand how everything fades away ... and i think that the strongest part of us has to be broken before we can learn to believe again in fairy tales. Before we can surrender all the fear, that makes things ugly. Thank you for writing fairy tales, i hope you heart smiles with everyday.