Tuesday, May 24, 2011


slow roll of belly fat
to protect my organs
the space between my legs
from marauders
like that one who stood above me naked
possessed by the dark demons
he saw in my bedroom
asking if he could come inside while i lay drugged

i need a pack leader with a soft voice gravelly in his throat like river rock and quieting firm hands
that know what to do
i need a friend who is not simply desiring of the glamour brought by my poetry
and publication
or afraid of the demons who have been stalking me
someone who won't call them demons, just bad luck or chance or life
i need a hunter, a woodsman
someone who thinks in solutions and then crafts them
who outwits the bad luck
who points his arrow at me and when i fall in the mulch and moss and violets
runs over on the legs of trees and bends and gathers
me up


  1. Awesome poem! I heard this song called "Sadness is a Blessing" by Lykki Li and I thought of your work.

  2. sending love to you across rivers, mountains, deserts, freeways...
    is it strange to receive a post like this from a stranger? i send you love because you have inspired me so, and i believe you are in need of protection.

  3. everyone has some kind of darkness and might as well accept it and learn how to understand it. i mean how else are we supposed to find our way back to our light?

  4. love your poems, miss you poems

  5. And don't forget we have angels too, and that all women are born warriors.

  6. i have missed you and your words...

  7. deeply missing your poems. I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip, I wish I could have been there for the workshops.


  8. This is so beautiful. I swear, your words just "get" me. They make my soul sing. Thank you so so much for being my inspiration. <3

  9. Your words fill my heart with longing. They leave me inspired. Thank you.

  10. So beautiful. Sometimes I think that you and Tori Amos have an uncanny magic mind link.