Friday, October 21, 2011

what it feels like

you asked me what it feels like
my head on your shoulder warm silk water tumbling over muscle rocks dense and smooth and soft
my arms around your neck you lift me up like i weigh nothing even though sometimes i feel so heavy and huge after dinner and your neck tenses with sinew but your head seems vulnerable shaved and your skull has a delicacy about it that warns my hands away
i squat naked on the floor to start the music with the smolder between my lips like a woman who has never once doubted anything about her body
relax my throat and open my mouth so wide that i take in almost all of you and i wonder if there is any woman who could take in all of you there is so much of you in time to the chanting music as the candle flames shake with longing
but when you are inside of me it feels like width and breadth and fire and tiger and lion and power and dread and love
--that exists somewhere in time and space dancing with a woman in a dress plunging to her smooth flat belly violet eyelids and black hair brushing the hollow of her back where you hands steer--
but was never really here
with me


  1. Dear Ms. Fantastic Sparkling Fairy Goddess of Strength and Wisdom, thank you for your writings, thank you for your books, thank you for the numorous times you have saved my life and helped me turn it all around again but most of all thank you for the hope i have from reading your stories (my copy of dangerous angels has been read and highlighted so many times i will soon need to buy a new one). I hope to one day meet you but even if i never do, you have altered my life immensely for the better <3