Saturday, February 11, 2012

mixed review

Hey lady did I trivialize my father’s cancer eating him down to the bone?
And then my mother’s doing the same?
Did I trivialize the fact that cancer has slayed my ancestors one by one and who knows where it might hide?
Did I trivialize how the doctor had to take my eye out to put a buckle on it so I wouldn’t go blackblind?

Pimples might seem like a small thing to you
But when they fill with pus and bleed they’re no small thing on a woman’s face
And broken hearts may seem like nothing but it really does feel like jagged glass in my chest
And if it happens again they might tear clean through

I’d like to tell you about global warming
And the planet poised for destruction
But the magnitude is too great for me tonight
I can only name my blog for it
manage my trivially broken heart
and mourn that there is no arm to nest in
that my skin will sweat under two down quilts
and then grow clam-cold along my belly and beneath my breasts
so I shiversick in the draft of morning

I may not be a master
I just wanted to tell story about the magic that happened in my life
once upon a time and long ago
so that you would sleep more sweet tonight


  1. So powerful, wow!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. (why would it delete?? :( Here it is again. <3)
    This is so fucking beautiful. And nobody should ever tell you differently from that. I feel sad for anyone who says ignorant things about your work. They've never known magic.
    <3 you tons!

  4. i didn' delete it i swear love you

  5. pink smog was tremendous just like blood roses, ecstacia and all the rest. I swear there are no books that have touched me more, I'm always waiting for the next thing you write. you are definitely a master in my eyes- dont let anyone convince you otherwise! <3

  6. it's so easy for a critic to cut apart, rip, & shred, someone else's work or life, especially when they are NOT the ones exposing themselves wide open, being vulnerable for the world to see. they just hide behind their microscope studying someone else's words. maybe their microscope is faulty, their eyesight is bad, or maybe their hypothesis or conclusion is misdiagnosed, misinformed, mistaken.

  7. What a great & powerful poem... I don't know how anyone could describe your writing as trivial - guess that person must have skimmed over it with their eyes and their mind closed.
    Your writing is deep & moving... your words create beauty amid the grotesque; enchantment amid the mundane; & hope amid despair. This world is a much better place because of you & your wonderful, magical books... thank you ♥