Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is my secret, my greatest taboo
It is not a fetish or something involving blood
It is not theft or betrayal or the worship of devils
Forgive me for it
If you knew how all these years I have cared for myself and my little ones too
You might understand
If you knew how I signed the checks and paid the bills and took out the trash and cleaned the toilets and the floors
How I fed and walked the animals and had to put them to sleep
One while I was alone in the vet’s cubicle in the rain
How I wrote all these books and made these meals and drove and planned and gave and made
worked until one eye split in half and now the other clouds with dim
If you knew all this you might perhaps forgive or at least understand my secret wish
That I be cared for that I be taken
At last at least
For this one night
In a bed where I need not see to be
Where I need not write to whisper
The stories I will always give you in exchange

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  1. Speachless! I love this so much.