Monday, April 23, 2012

non narrative

How do i write a non-narrative poem See i’ve already blown it using the eye-word in the first line when i vowed not to How do you begin? Do you pick a mood, say melancholy? Sunday evening the epitome of lonely Especially when alone and the air is gray House cleaned millet made fingertips stained with beets the wrong shirt purchased because you (i?) felt Hungry and uncherished on her birthday Pay attention to the sounds Do they evoke blank spaces empty beds sweat on the sheets Industrial edges of the city skateboard boys scrawled on walls There is a vague recollection of sun and strawberries flavored like mint though no one else seems to think so Daughter blossoming every which way tiny pink and white collage of clothing I’ll never wear my eyes hurt maybe his back? Sometimes you want…what? Sunday evening lonely gray no chocolate lava cake no mojito no sex How long has it been now? The narrative always slips in I want Everything


  1. So beautiful. It just perfectly evokes that feeling. Poetry is such a universal language that links us. Your words are so precious!

  2. love this one so much! having a similarly lovely Thursday night.