Wednesday, August 29, 2012


ice queen

"i'm so cold" my mother said
"come warm me
"there's a lady in the room"
when i arrived
at the small spanish apartment
with white roses in the front
my mother was all jutting bones
in her little pink pajamas
i tried to thaw her
i didn't see the ice queen
but i knew she was there
watching us
taloned fingers long as hands
skin a silver blue
and her touch a burn
like i used to feel
sticking my tongue into the ice tray as a child
i didn't beg my mom to stay
i sat beside her as the day turned gold then gray
then black
through the shut windows
"i love you" we said, again and again
all we had left
all there was that mattered
it did not melt the queen
her gray eyes were pools of frost
black lake of something
waiting underneath
it did not make her leave
but when my mother finally smiled and took her hand
someone else arrived
in that dim and musty room
someone my mother recognized
someone she'd been waiting
a quarter century to join
someone who had once been


  1. it is not her icy stare
    that freezes my tongue
    and my thoughts,
    prevents me from
    calling for help

    i stare at my feet in shame
    i have no ill will toward her
    most of the time
    if only my heart were warmer,
    my blood hotter,
    i could melt the icicle collar
    no one sees tightening
    around my throat

  2. for some reason blogger has deleted two poems by two of my favorite poets since we began this. if your comment is deleted please contact me. sorry for any blogger freak outs flb

  3. Foundations

    Let me be clear
    as cliche' - when men hear Ice Queen
    the rest of the sentence might as well be poured concrete
    in which, once set, nothing moves.

    I'll wager it's lack of imagination,
    squelched curiosity, fear
    that our petty candles
    are inadequate to properly stoke her fire
    since too often we're confusing
    sex for passion

    and that her lack of interest
    has nothing to do with us
    but is her general state of being
    unsolvable for eternity.

    That might be
    why we clothe her in shards and epithets
    hex her sisters into agreement with our incantations
    and then seek out softer earth
    than the ones with strong foundations.

  4. Snow, ice, burn, kiss.

    Dear you, the you in my
    Poems, the you who's name I don't speak
    The you too beautiful for me.

    We are fire signs, you and I, the archer
    Who Lives amongst the stars,
    Passionate, sometimes caught in between,
    A little tactless, but a fire inside.

    Your song was an arrow into my heart
    And I was fire inside.

    I saw the girl you talked to before the show.
    Her hair as white as snow, her long slim legs
    In expensive jeans, her cold blue eyes that said
    "you will never be
    As beautiful as me".
    I watched you lean into her.

    You kissed my cheek the last time
    We were together, we drank
    From the
    Same bottle
    You remembered
    You remembered
    What I asked you last time,
    Our email conversation,
    But you never looked at me
    Like you look at that
    Girl in the bar
    Before the show.

    I don't have her hair
    As white as snow, her icy smile,
    Her expensive jeans, her
    Long legs, she doesn't have
    An arrow in her heart,
    She doesn't burn.

    She doesn't burn, but I don't think
    You kissed her cheek

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    1. I love this part

      a reptile
      slithering around with all this
      knowledge, with all these
      secrets someone eat this goddamn
      apple already

  6. Crimson is the color of my blood that the ice queen wants to take from me
    she wants to remove my sadness and give
    me something special instead
    I think it's Turkish delight but all that
    is fantasy and I cannot breathe
    because, is it,
    getting colder in here?
    My blood is white,
    dripping with ice crystals
    in front of her
    my queen
    dangling my sadness
    in front of me
    like it's hers to take away.

  7. This one is beautiful, the last four lines especially.