Saturday, August 25, 2012

#11 one third done

twelve dancing princesses/soul sisters (for all my writer friends)

aurora, larissa, jenna, mckenna
jessa and laura and mika and sarah
natalie, melanie, ashley and mandy

how did they find each other?
across a map of light
that connected souls
words they recognized
sending out the signals
bruise, burn
until they danced forth from their secret rooms
across electric continents
to the wicked witch's ball
they stayed all night until feet bled
they were locked up
and bodies fed
with tubes

the only thing that saved them
were the words they scrawled
revealing all
for freedom can't be kept
from a girl (or twelve, or more)
with pen and wall


  1. xoxoxoxox as many thanks as there are stars! eternally, cosmically, grateful for the magic that you weave, spinning nest of lessons and courage. you teach us how to breathe. xoxooxxox

  2. So it is,
    That my vibrant smile
    Be stolen
    Because I love?
    Too much
    And I envy your passion
    I hope it is not more than me

    So it is,
    That my eyes
    Lakes of purity and moonshine
    Be drained
    Because I love?
    Too much
    And I would starve
    For your attention
    And I do

    So it is,
    That the blossom from my cheeks
    Be plucked petal by petal
    Because I love?
    Too much
    My porcelain skin fades
    If you dared to touch me,
    Which you don’t,
    My heart and skin would shatter
    Because I love?
    Too much

    So it is,
    Now I am some hopeless
    Skeletal thing
    My hair is as limp as a dead fish
    Because I love?
    Too much
    I have allowed myself to be chained
    Where has the once free bird flown?
    She is no longer here.

    I feel myself becoming a ghost
    Your passion is more than your love
    So it is,
    And I resign
    Because I loved
    Too much.

    P.S. I agree, with all of my heart, with Miss Lulu Rose. :)

  3. We were meant to dance among stars and gather secrets to take home with us
    you arrived in the middle of the night, a storm
    a dark storm
    a storm I'd never seen before
    all I wanted was to follow your happily-ever-after voice, soothing as I
    to you tell me your past, as I share with you mine--

    you taught me to listen to the stars
    their tears, their music, their pain
    I felt the universe weeping
    and all I wanted to see were planets dancing among them
    simple spheres in the sky

    I try to tell my mother but
    all she says is
    is nothing but night"
    but you provide the magic I need
    to prevent myself from bleeding
    inside, on the outside, in the middle of the night
    you make me understand that time travel is nothing
    without you-- the only thing
    I want more than you
    is the light
    in your eyes
    when you tell me the universe only weeps
    because it is lonely

    we are drifting along
    no gravity
    listening to their secrets.

  4. Star

    "We are made of starstuff."
    Carl Sagan


    There are some secrets that are known
    only from the outside.

    How electrons orbit their nuclei
    somehow an atom spits off photons
    which sparkle in the belly of a firefly
    or reflect from a lover's eyes
    while she takes you in
    to swim, to drown
    if you're lucky
    reborn in her blood
    some happenchance, some magic
    that might grow legs and a laugh.

    But mystery is the same everywhere:
    a high stone tower, an oaken door, vines from a tiny seed
    can yet crack mighty boulders
    and lissome shoulders
    clear as sunlight

    She has stars in her sockets
    that don't set just because lids shut
    they glitter in the dark, infuse her skin
    as though she pearls them out like sweat
    and no matter where you are
    the memory of that light
    will find the crack in your resolve
    leaving you sleepless, panting, questioning
    if stars have left heaven
    to inhabit her

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  6. her soul rises from her body
    covered in rhinestones
    reflecting off a
    mysterious light source
    and she floats through the ceiling
    coming to rest on a floor covered in soft
    green grass instead of carpet
    one side of the room is painted
    as a night sky covered in
    twinkling glow in the dark stars
    and on the other side is a miniature
    sun that glows purple and orange,
    but she knows it’s a real sun
    she can feel the warmth on her skin
    growing as the room grows

  7. a row of shivering
    minnows we waited
    shifting our paper thin
    gowns to cover our
    imagined weight
    there are scales to
    face backwards,
    cuffs that betray when
    our blood pressure drops
    i plummet down inside
    myself, abstract concepts
    like electrolyte imbalances
    mean nothing when
    pressed against a thinner
    girl i wait.

  8. Abduction aka the Changeling

    Each morning she wakes
    Lost, longing,
    Through the toast, toothpaste
    Coffee there is a stranger taste
    Filling her mouth
    Memory of a dream.

    There, she remembers
    There was music
    Hallucinatory, shivering through
    Her. She shimmered, beneath
    Stranger skies, feet bare
    On soft, wet grass,
    slippery with sweat,
    Starlight in her hair.

    In petal soft gowns she spun,
    Lost in arms of
    Moss green,
    Ocean blue,
    Furred, feathered,
    Scaled, horned, crowned
    Winged, flying
    Shimmer, oh shimmering.

    She wakes, she wakes
    Lost here in cars and concrete.
    Surely somewhere, there is
    Some other her,
    A simple mistake
    Beneath strange skies, and
    Strange eyes, a girl
    Who longs to flirt
    But not to fly,
    Who needs Manolo's and not
    The dirt under bare feet.
    Some other me.

    A simple mistake, an
    Easy fix.
    Come take her home
    To where dreams still shimmer
    Where she can dance
    And she can
    Shine, oh, shine.