Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Sandman

i made him of black sand
still wet from the ocean
his lips were plums
his legs were small trees
his hands were palm fronds
his sex an obelisk
his ribs were the cage of an ibis

i lay my head on his chest and some grains
got into my eyes
and i dreamed
of how the sandman
came to life
slid himself inside me
and obliterated my fears for one night

oh sandman return with your dreams
but in exchange
you may not have my eyes
to feed your children
in their nest on the moon
made of iron


  1. The beat pulses through my veins
    Quivers through my blood
    Hips swaying side to side
    Rainbow bathing suit cover dress slithering sensuously against skin

    I lift my eyes to his
    Warm chocolate gazing at my movement
    "Dance with me."
    But he does not
    Grains of his soul slip into my hand as I brush his cheek
    So young yet so scared
    He knows he will disappear
    If he joins me

    The salt burns my eyes as I beckon
    Just one time
    To make me happy
    To free your light
    To be metamorphosized by my love

    He watches my crystal rivers travel down smooth skin
    His breaks off chunks

    "I love you."
    He whispers as he rises
    Spins me close enough to feel the silicate razors piece my skin
    Like he has speared my heart

    We dance
    And little by little he disappears

    A glass heart rests in my palm
    Alone or apart
    We are forever in each others heart

  2. Elixir

    Poseidon sends foam
    lips to kiss my feet each time I visit.

    The drops say: watch this! and proceed to grab
    bits of stone, pebbles, boulders
    when I don't notice
    grind them every day
    until I look up, or rather down
    at the crumbs now sticking to my ankles
    to be reminded by the rumbling voice
    Here you are.

    Sand is a liquid
    he says
    the elixir of memory
    where else do you remember
    the blinding glint
    the scent of coconut and salt
    your love's hand
    clenching at the snap of a wave
    when else do you face eternity
    (he ignores Zeus and all the stars at night, of course
    and Hades' freshly dug dirt)

    He makes me smile when he talks that way
    mouthy wet sand
    memory sticking to my waist band
    and irritating when least expected
    but which, when finally washed clear
    still returns
    here you are

  3. we walk together
    along the beach
    talking and watching
    the seagulls fly
    over us in search
    of ocean scraps

    we head to the house
    in the evening and
    dust off our shoes
    at the door and wash
    our feet in the tub

    we play 80’s music
    on the television while
    cooking spaghetti
    and we play cards
    for quarters, but give
    them back to each
    other at the end

    we huddle on the porch
    in the night chill
    wrapped in a blanket
    some of us smoking
    cigarettes and drinking
    vodka mixed with
    purple gatorade

    we fall asleep on
    fold-out couches and
    when we wake we
    walk to the beach

    we repeat each day
    for a week before
    packing the car
    and driving 15 hours
    home to mark our
    calendars and count down
    to our next vacation

  4. The kiss part 1

    Your lips of sand
    And mine of
    Cracked glass -

    You cannot bleed like
    Mortal boys do,
    Won't cut you
    Scar you,
    Severing flesh
    And tendon.

    And this kiss -
    You broken
    Cannot shatter me.

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall
    Who can make you fall
    But not apart

  5. He promised me sleep
    If only I gave him a kiss
    and in my insomniac state
    I pressed my lips to his and he drank of me

    and so I slept
    a dreamless rest
    with no chaos or bliss

    He promised me dreams
    if only I would lay with him
    so being quite weary of darkness
    I fell in his arms and felt his weight

    And so I slept
    and so I dreamt
    of love, death and him

    He promised me love
    if only I gave my heart
    and so in my isolation
    I let him open my chest
    and tear out my heart

    and so I slept
    and so I dreamt
    and so I loved
    a love so pure and true
    i could not regret not having my heart...

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  7. Sleep, where have you gone and why
    are you not coming back?
    I need you now, my eyes are too red
    and my heartbeat slow--
    my eyes are slipping,
    I cannot see properly.

    You know this cannot last forever,
    nightlights and goblins and monsters under my
    when I sleep, it never arrives
    I toss and turn and pray to make the demons
    run away
    but love is more powerful than my insomnia
    and I know one day
    when I sleep
    I will be next to you
    and the monsters will watch, before growing bored
    and leaving.