Thursday, September 13, 2012


The Doctors

the doctor took out my eye, buckled it and put it back
the doctor punctured the boils on my face with a syringe
the doctor pumped toxins into my face
the doctor removed the fat from my face
the doctor removed the cartilage from my nose
so my sinuses no longer functioned
the doctor only half removed the bump from my nose
the doctor removed my perfect bridge
put in one made of plaster that crumbled to dust
the doctors smashed my breasts between metal plates
the doctors pretty much left everything below the waist alone
except when i had my babies
and then they just helped me
see god


  1. Pignolia

    I like you
    carry around 23 feet of small intestine
    where the real work transpires.

    Of course, all glory goes
    to the stomach, but like bones
    in the face, that's misplaced fame

    just like no one remembers to look
    at the pads of their feet
    no matter how many paths they take.

    You like me
    probably don't chew
    slowly enough, either

    tapping teeth like texting
    speeding past pleasure
    an amateur Kobayashi

    forgetting to savor tart pippins
    or the particular little crunch pignolia
    adds to couscous.

    So, if I curl my tongue
    to prayer tomorrow
    let me ask for the patience of a tortoise

  2. this was breathtaking