Saturday, November 17, 2012

Five Facts You May or May Not Know About THE ELEMENTALS

1. It's Not a Young Adult Book.
Although the story is a coming-of-age one with a seventeen year old protagonist, THE ELEMENTALS is not published for teens but by St. Martin's Press for adults. Teens will probably be interested in it but there are some key differences between this and some of my other work.

Actually, a few of my "teen" novels were actually written for adults as well (THE HANGED MAN for example).

Many of my favorite adult novels feature adult protagonists (Karen Russell's SWAMPLANDIA, Alice Sebold's THE LOVELY BONES, Russell Banks' THE RULE OF THE BONE, Joy Nicholson's TRIBES OF PALOS VERDES etc etc).

The dark themes, erotic passages and twisted ending (see below) make THE ELEMENTALS a book primarily for older readers.

2. It's Not my First Adult Book
In addition to books like THE HANGED MAN, which was published as YA, I've had a number of books published as "adult" including NECKLACE OF KISSES, RUBY (with Carmen Staton), GUARDING THE MOON, NYMPH, QUAKELAND, and WOOD NYMPH SEEKS CENTAUR.

3. It's Not my First Attempt at Erotica
Any of you who've read NYMPH (see above) know this isn't true and that I've been writing sexy stuff since way before E.L. James.

4. It's Not Just for Girls
I've been pleased to receive praise from men in their twenties, thirties forties and fifties for this book. Check out writerscast HERE.

5. It Doesn't Have a Happy Ending
Without giving anything away, the ending of this book is not supposed to be happy, although some people have interpreted it that way (I intended the ambiguity). This is one reason THE ELEMENTALS isn't YA I suppose, although WASTELAND has a tragic ending and WAS published as YA. In THE ELEMENTALS Ariel seems to get what she wants but does she? Is it real? Is she losing her sanity? Is the world of the imagination a safe place to live?

Read and Find Out

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  1. I'm excited to read this book, your exceptional way with prose just gives me hope when things are tough. Christmas present perhaps?