Thursday, January 24, 2013


you are less real than the people in my head
the mad antlered king the one-eyed heroine, the girl with the silver hand
the tattooed androgyne the cruel fae the dead friend
you are only a face that reminds me of someone i once loved
lit up by torches against the window
your black coat collar turned up around your well-formed neck
your dancer's shoulders your bearing like a spanish king
you are only a story you told me about a one-armed woman who had to learn
that she too deserved love
and this made me think we knew each other in some way
but you are only a salty voice a liquor sipper a man with a silver watch
and who do you see
when you look at me
do you see the entourage of my imagination
the radiance of my children
a tiger
a warrior
a lover
or only a woman with a lost eye
a numb arm
a split heart
a hobbled foot
and very little time