Monday, March 18, 2013

cruel mouth

well you had a cruel mouth and i should have paid attention
when my son said he didn't like your picture
i was glad you shared his birth sign
but my interest in astrology could be part of why you checked me off your list

i kept myself from scaring you away
with poetry, even ate a little dairy
but somehow didn't measure up

i wonder when you made the call
was it at dinner, when i ordered sparkling wine
or said not that many movies make me laugh
maybe it was about my wounded eye

you mentioned jennifer
lawrence twice
in the two times that me met
as if that bit information would reveal something true about your soul
perhaps it did
but i tried to see it as revealing something about me
the insecurities
that needed to be managed

i knew that i was up to this task
and looked forward to another dinner
where i strayed from my vegan diet, listened to you rhapsodize on starlets
and waited to be kissed

cruel mouths can kiss
they just can't speak
the things i want to hear

but my hands can type
letters you will never read


  1. cruel mouths can kiss
    they just can't speak
    the things i want to hear


  2. Hi, I just found your blog. This poem speaks to me, thank you for sharing.


  3. Dear Francesca, You are one of the biggest writers to me. Your work has given me so much pleasure. I read this one book called "The Process" by Isa Moore and it helped me get through some rough stuff that years of analysis, sitting with shamans, and more therapy etc. still hadn't resolved. It's a fascinating read and has a writing exercise in it that moves mountains. You can read it on Thank you again so very much for your work.